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Naagin is one of the most popular television show created by Ekta Kapoor. There has been a lot of speculations about the cast of the show. Ekta Kapoor shared the trailer of Naagin 4 on her social media account. It has been reported that actor Lakshya Khurana will also be a part of the show. However, nothing about his role has been revealed yet. Ekta Kapoor welcomed Nia Sharma to the cast of Naagin 4thus announcing her as a cast who will play a pivotal role in the movie.

It has been alleged that Naagin 3 actors Anita Hassanandani and Surbhi Jyoti might not be a part of the Naagin 4 cast. Anita took to her social media to wish Nia Sharma all the best for her new beginnings and also revealed that she will miss being a part of the show. It has not been revealed if actor Pearl V Puri will be a part of the upcoming Naagin 4 television show.

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We Recommend. Naagin 4 cast: All the actors who have joined Ekta Kapoor's fantasy drama. Naagin 4: Nia Sharma kickstarts shooting for the supernatural series. Children's Day celebration of the Kapoor clan will amuse you. Related Stories.

Anusha Dandekar fumes over breakup reports, says 'sad to make spectacle of someone's life'. Surbhi Jyoti and Anita Hassanandani's memorable moments together.Naagin transl. Female serpent is an Indian supernatural fantasy thriller television series produced by Ekta Kapoor under Balaji Telefilms. In every season, these serpents fight evil and keep the ultimate source of power, the 'naagmani', safe from evil.

The first season premiered on 1 November and ended on 5 June after 62 episodes. The second season aired from 8 October to 25 June with 75 episodes. The third season aired from 2 June to 26 May with episodes. Shivanya and her cousin Shesha are ichchadhari naagins shape-shifting serpent-women who seek to avenge the murders of Shivanya's parents in a failed attempt to obtain the Naagmani, a magical gem. Shivanya marries the murderer Ankush's son, Ritik, and kills his accomplices Viren, Shailesh and Suri.

Shivanya falls in love with kind-hearted Ritik, giving Shesha concerns about her commitment and risking the loss of her powers. Ankush's wife Yamini is the final murderer, who learns Shesha's nature and turns her against Shivanya. Yamini frames Shivanya for Ankush's murder so that Ritik swears vengeance against her. Though Ritik's feelings are conflicted, Yamini helps him kill Shivanya with a magical knife. She also kills Ritik for trying to return naagmani.

Shivanya and Ritik are revived by Lord Shiva. Learning the truth, Ritik helps Shivanya protect the Naagmani. Though she loses her powers, they succeed and kill Yamini. Shesha is imprisoned by the Mahishmatis shape-shifting bees who were behind the plot, attempting to obtain the Naagmani every 25 years.

Twenty-five years later, widowed Shivanya has an adult daughter, Shivangi.

nagin 4 cast

Shivanya quickly arranges their marriage so that her daughter can avoid the hardships of becoming a naagin. On the wedding day, the evildoers kill the wedding guests and fatally stab Shivanya, blaming it on bandits. Shivangi escapes the slaughter and survives a suicide attempt to become a naaginvowing to protect Naagmani and avenge her mother.

Shivangi interrupts Rocky and Shesha's wedding a few days later, and Yamini makes Rocky to marry Shivangi, as she is the only one who can touch Naagmani. Later, Shivangi is saved from one of Shivanya's murderers by Rocky, and she realizes that he is innocent.

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Shivangi kills the other murderers and avenges for a naag male serpent who was killed while assisting her. Rocky learns her identity and that she killed his family; he seduced her so that she loses her naagin powers.

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Then he made her imprisoned. Following months of imprisonment, Shivangi realizes that her naagin powers are stronger than ever. She escapes and learns more about her and Rocky's families, and how they had been manipulated.

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Shesha and Yamini cause Rocky to become a naag. Another naag helps reveal the truth to Rocky, but when Rocky and Shivangi reunite to fulfill her revenge, Rocky suddenly stabs Shivangi to death — apparently under orders from Ritik.

“Naagin 4” Actors, Cast & Crew: Roles, Salary

Icchadari Naag and Naagin Vikrant and Ruhi reunite as lovers after hundred years. However, business tycoon, Andy Sehgal's son Yuvraj along with his friends come to the Haveli where Ruhi and Vikrant are going to be married. They attempt to rape her and while saving her, Vikrant gets killed by Aditya Yuvraj's friend who shots him. However, Mahir Sehgal Andy Sehgal's eldest son reaches there and snatches the gun, thus making Ruhi suspect him of the murder. Ruhi is distraught and swears vengeance on the murderers.Previous seasons of Naagin has received huge appreciation and love from the audience.

Few months back, the 3 rd season of Naagin went off making the audience disappointed. But the makers of the show treated the audience with new promo of Naagin 4 released in September.

Naagin 4: Female lead for the new season

They are all set to launch the 4 th season on the television soon. This season of supernatural drama have come up with more unique and amazing storyline. Earlier the makers of the show wanted to launch the new season on September but because the crew members and creative team was working on the storyline and plot, it got delayed.

As per the reports, the makers were finalizing the cast of the show which made them postpone the show launch to December The show will broadcast on TV every weekend at 8pm.

nagin 4 cast

In case you missed the previous seasons, you can watch the previous seasons online. All the seasons 1, 2, 3 and now season 4 can be seen on Voot official website and app. You can download the app for your device from Apple Store or Play Store. The 3 rd season of Naagin ended on an interesting and thrilling note where Vishakha played by the Anita Hassanandani plans to take revenge from Shraavani played by Surbhi Jyoti.

nagin 4 cast

Vishakha warns Shraavani that she will return to take revenge and naagmani from Shraavani. Since the Naagin 4 has complete new cast for the show. Here is the list of actors playing important role in Naagin 4. While Nia and Jasmin will be the main female lead, rest of the actors will play pivot role in the serial. The main leads played in the show are as follows:. Nia Sharma- Nia Sharma is one of the most glamourous television star who rose to fame with television serial Jamai Raja. Over the time, she did many shows and made place for herself in the audience heart.

Shalin Bhanot- Shalin Bhanot is known for playing strong and negative rose. After trying th time I hope I am able to post this … sayantanighosh I am Sooo happy to be working with you again. Sayantani Ghosh- Sayantani Ghosh is a known face of television industry. The promo itself shows the high voltage supernatural drama the team has to offer to the audience. In latest teaser, two naagins can be seen dressed in black and gold attires with promising looks and are all set to take revenge.

Have a look:. Table of Contents. View this post on Instagram. Prev Article. Next Article. About The Author Savasher. Notify of.Naagin 4 prospects have indeed raised curiosity amongst the loyal fans of the trendsetter supernatural series produced by Balaji Telefilms for Colors. Naagin 3 was accepted very well by viewers and literally repeated the success story of its earlier two editions.

Colors and the makers created a good idea of releasing the teaser to the new season to come, while beaming the finale episode of Naagin 3. And wow!! It has simply ignited the thoughts of one and all as to who will be the lead female face in Naagin 4 which is expected to come in November this year.

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While the eager watchers of the show want Surbhi Jyoti to be retained in the new season too, there have been quite a lot of speculations in the social media on who could be the next big face to play the central role in Naagin 4. Well, IWMBuzz. So here we go!!

We bring to you a poll idea with the names in our IWMBuzz. And she could have one big chance to playing the lead role again Remember, Mouni Roy got to play the lead in Season 1 and 2 as well.

Surbhi Chandna : The talented and good-looking girl has a great fan following, courtesy her show Ishqbaaz. So she might end up being one choice!! Jennifer Winget: She has the experience and the appearance to look the perfect Naagin. So she is certainly one big option to play the Naagin.

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Her last outing was also on Colors, Bepannaah. Drashti Dhami: She has the good looks to bag this role. She looks stunning in the Indian avatars and this is one big reason for her to play the rustic Naagin. Sanaya Irani: Sanaya again has the looks to portray the gorgeously stunning Naagin. Will she be one of the top contenders for the title role? Only time will tell. Will Hina complete her movie schedule and grab the meaty role in Naagin 4 on her return?

This is certainly possible!! Nia Sharma: This Twisted beauty has shown everyone how hot and sizzling she can be… She is surely a top contendor to play the Naagin. What say, folks? Jannat Zubair Rahmani: If Jannat gets to play this role, she will be considered as the youngest Naagin. Why not?Television actor Jasmin Bhasin is all set to make her comeback with Ekta Kapoor's popular fantasy- drama Naagin 4. The details of the cast members and the story are yet to be announced as well.

The promos of the serial suggested that this season will feature three Naagins. No official announcement has been made yet but many reports suggest that she will join this adventure-drama. A leading daily has confirmed in a report about her involvement in the supernatural project. The actor wrote a thank you note in the caption to producer Ekta Kapoor. Her co-actors and friends poured in congratulations for her too. Now follow your favourite television celebs and telly updates.

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Naagin 4 - Episode -1 & 2 - Recap - नागिन 4

Naagin 4: Sayantani Ghosh, the 'original naagin' to appear in the show. Nia Sharma: Ethnic outfits of the Naagin 4 actor to inspire you. Naagin 4: After Nia Sharma, who is the second Naagin on the show? Naagin 4 first look out?

Nia Sharma fans circulate pic on social media. Related Stories. Reem Shaikh's Aaja Sohniye crosses 1 million mark; audiences shower love. Nia Sharma next wants a tutorial on cleaning toilet from celebs posting mopping clips.The most popular Indian Television drama is Naagin which is based on fantasy, romance, drama, and supernatural.

Naagin 4 Cast: Nia Sharma And All Other Actors Of The Upcoming Fantasy Thriller

The show broadcast under Production Company named Balaji Telefilms. The show broadcast on Colors Channel and has completed three seasons. The story of drama serial, Naagin, based on revenge for love and protection of Naagmani which is a precious gem with magical powers.

The story reflects the struggle of Ichchhadhari Naagins for avenge. Naagin Season 4 is expected to start Date from 7th December The Director of the Naagin did not yet reveled the exact date yet, but it may start from the start of next year. The more information will be shared after the official statement.

The season ends on June 5, Naagin 4 will be more popular. The story initiates with Ichchhadhari Naagins Shivanya and her cousin Shesha who are shape-shifting serpents. Shivanya agrees to marry Ritik for revenge. Later, she starts her avenge and kill Viren and Shailesh. She with the help of Ankush kidnapped Ritik and his father, Sangram Singh because only they could touch the Naagmani.

On the other hand, Shesha fall in love with Ritik. Yamini realizes that Shivanya and Shesha are Ichchhadhari Naagins, thus she uses Shesha and excites her to betray Shivanya. Shivanya kills Ankush and Ritik realize that Shivanya is a serpent. Yamini stabs Ritik with a knife but Shivanya saves his life with Naagmani. Knowing about the truth of Yamini, Ritik helps Shivanya to protect the Naagmani. Both consummate their marriage and Shivanya lost her powers.

The only possible way to get Shivanya powers back is to kill either Ritik or his father Sangram Singh. Sangram Singh sacrifices his life and Shivanya gains her powers back. The season came to end by revealing Shivanya being pregnant. The second season of Naagin broadcast on October 8,and came to its ending on June 25, After the three months of events of the 1st season, three months pregnant Shivanya give birth to a healthy baby girl named Shivangi.

After the leap of 25 years, a widowed Shivanya struggle to protect Shivangi from being the Naagin. Both Shivanya and Shivangi looks alike and therefore some time people assume Shivangi as Shivanya. Shivanya came to know from a saint that she can only avoid Shivangi from becoming a Naagin if she gets married before turning to Shivangi meets Rockey and they both started to like each other. Rockey, the adopted nephew of Yamini broke his engagement with Shesha.

Not knowing the relation between Rockey and Yamini, Shivanya fixes the marriage of Shivangi and Rockey. On the wedding day, Shivanya saw Shesha and Yamini and became frightened.

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Shivanya helps Shivangi to run from the wedding place. Considering Shivanya as a Shivangi, they kill her. Yamini informs Rockey that Shivangi is dead and she blamed on dacoits.

Rockey felt heartbroken while on the other side, Shivangi survives and came to know from a saint about the life of Shivanya. The saint tells her that only she can touch the Naagmani.Colors TV is all set to come up with the new season of the Nagin 4. Naagin has already made a record and has successfully completed its three seasons. It is one of the highest-rated and popular tv shows in India. And now makers of the show are all set to come up with the 4th season of the popular television series.

Supernatural series Naagin will be coming up with lots of drama and a unique storyline. Here are complete details about Naagin season 4. Also, check out more details related to Naagin 4. The starting date of the Naagin 4 does not reveal yet.

nagin 4 cast

As the promo of the show is launch. And fans are highly anticipated in the upcoming season of the show. It is expected that season 4 of the Naagin will be on air within a few days.

So confirm the starting date of the Naagin season 4 will available on the page after the official confirmation. So stay tuned here to get the latest details related to Naagin 4. The TV show will broadcast every weekend at 9 p. While You guys can also watch the telecast of the show on online. You can watch entertaining seasons of the Naagin season 1, season 2, Season 3 and their upcoming season of the Naagin on Voot official website and app. Naagmani ko pane ke liye jaari rahegi yeh zehrili dastaan.

Jald laut kar aayegi Naagin. Naagin4 coming soon on Colors. Anytime on justvoot. While Adaa Khan and Rakshananda Khan will be also playing pivotal roles. According to reports the season 4 of the show will feature new Naagin. So more details related to the Cast of the Naagin 4. So, Stay tuned here to get the latest details related to the upcoming tv shows.

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