Beckman coulter recall

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beckman coulter recall

CFR Title Radiation-Emitting Products. X-Ray Assembler. Medsun Reports. New Search. Date Initiated by Firm March 20, AU Clinical Chemistry Analyzer The Beckman Coulter AU Clinical Chemistry Analyzer is an automated chemistry analyzer that measures analytes in samples, in combination with appropriate reagents, calibrators, quality control QC material and other accessories. This system is for in vitro diagnostic use only.

Applications include colorimetric, turbidimetric, latex agglutination, homogeneous enzyme immunoassay, and in selective electrode. Beckman Coulter Inc. Beckman Coulter, Inc. Beckman Coulter sent an Urgent Product Correction letter during the week of March 18,to all affected customers.

The letter identified the product the problem and the action needed to be taken by the customer.

beckman coulter recall

Customers were informed of the software limitation and provides instructions to be taken temporary workaround until the software is upgraded and released. Customer contact information provided: "Call Center Hotline at New customers will receive a copy of the customer notification at the time of installation by the Field Service Personnel until revised software that corrects this issue is released.

The record is updated if the FDA identifies a violation and classifies the action as a recall, and it is updated for a final time when the recall is terminated. Learn more about medical device recalls.Log in.

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Fundamental Rankings.The iChemVELOCITY sets the standard for automated urine chemistry analysis with the development of the ascorbic acid test pad to identify possible ascorbic acid interference with key chemistry assays, ensuring laboratories receive clinically relevant information.

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This urine chemistry instrument offers high throughput of up to samples per hour and ease of use to maximize lab performance and productivity. We offer product training courses and guides to give you the skills and knowledge you need to operate your clinical laboratory instruments. Information addressed to health professionals. Instructions for use must be consulted before using these products.

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Important The information contained on this site is intended exclusively for healthcare professionals in accordance with article 21 of the Legislative Decree of 24 Februaryn.

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Product Variants. This product may not be available in your country or region at this time. Please contact your Beckman Coulter sales representative or distributor for more information. Overview Documents Training. Filter By All. View all documents. Stay Connected.

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Newsletter Subscribe to our Newsletter.Use of these devices may cause serious injuries or death. These devices can be used to diagnose and monitor conditions, like blood cancers, and other blood disorders, and for immune monitoring in HIV patients and other immunocompromised patients. This issue has the potential to impact all tests run on the cytometers for any application, including laboratory-developed tests.

No patient injuries have been reported to date, however the use of affected product may cause serious, life-threatening adverse health consequences such as misdiagnosis and improper patient management and treatment for several blood conditions and diseases. The notices asked customers to:. The FDA notes that Laboratory personnel can contact Beckman Coulter to discuss how to conduct a retrospective review of past results. The laboratory's medical director should then consider reviewing past patient results to evaluate if there are any inconsistencies between the flow cytometry results and other laboratory tests or clinical presentation.

Beckman Coulter Updates Hematology Analyzer Recall

The laboratory should then contact ordering physicians to discuss retesting of patients, as appropriate. Health care providers who interpret these clinical results should discuss any concerns about the testing process with the clinical laboratory processing their samples and should consider all available clinical information in their treatment decisions.

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Patients should discuss any concerns with their health care provider. Customers or distributors with questions regarding this recall may contact Beckton Coulter Life Sciences by phone at or email at LScustomerLetter Beckman.

The notices asked customers to: Review the notification and distribute the information to all appropriate personnel. Monitoring signal integrity during data acquisition by implementing the collection of time as a parameter through the creation of time vs. Monitoring and reviewing the time plots for each parameter for consistent forward scatter, side scatter and all fluorescence data.

If laboratory personnel identify unexpected fluctuations in data collection they should: Reject results of the sample. Stop acquiring samples and immediately contact Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Customer Technical Support Center at to determine if the signal loss is potentially caused by a defective amplifier board.

The local Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Representative will gather additional information and schedule an on-site service visit.

beckman coulter recall

If the signal loss is suspected, stop using the instrument until the Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Service Engineer arrives. During the on-site service visit, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Service will inspect the instrument to confirm if amplifier board s are defective and replace them.

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences is making arrangements to update the system software for auto detection of compromised acquisition data integrity. Customers should continue to monitor signal integrity during data acquisition using time versus parameter plots, in addition to the system software update.

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences intends to replace all circuit amplifier boards by February Replacement of circuit amplifier boards will be done using a risk-based prioritization strategy. This strategy is based on replacing boards in instruments that are being used to make patient management decisions to mitigate any potential harm to patients. Beckman Coulter will replace all the boards in instruments that are being used to run the Leukosure assay by April 30, Contact Information Customers or distributors with questions regarding this recall may contact Beckton Coulter Life Sciences by phone at or email at LScustomerLetter Beckman.In a safety notification letter distributed globally on January 9,Beckman Coulter Life Sciences notified FC and EPICS customers of a potential intermittent or permanent failure of a purchased component on the circuit amplifier boards.

This issue has the potential to impact all assays run on the cytometers for any application, including laboratory-developed tests. The potential for circuit amplifier board failure is latent, intermittent, or permanent, and may affect patient results as follows:.

These instructions apply to all applications, including laboratory-developed tests.


To further address the risks associated with this issue, the company has implemented, or is in the process of implementing: FC For additional assay-specific actions and information pertaining to the recall, please refer to the revised and updated customer notification letters sent on November 20, listed below, which are available at beckman. Additionally, customers or other interested parties can contact Beckman Coulter Life Sciences directly:.

Recall Resources. Brand Name s. Product Description. Media: Chris Suttile csuttile beckman.According to U. A correction or removal action taken by a manufacturer to address a problem with a medical device.

Class 2 Device Recall Access Unconjugated Estriol

Recalls occur when a medical device is defective, when it could be a risk to health, or when it is both defective and a risk to health. What is this?

Learn more about the data here. Type of Event Recall. United States. All of the data comes from the U. The parent company information is based on public records. Beckman coulter has determined that there is a potential for incorrect settings to be installed on north american ichemvelocity urine chemistry analyzers. The letter identified the affected product, problem and actions to be taken. Beckman Coulter will schedule a site visit to verify the reporting units of measurement for the laboratory within 90 days of this recall initiation.

For questions call Clinical Chemistry and Clinical Toxicology Devices. It produces quantitative results for specific gravity, semi- quantitative results for glucose, blood, leukocyte esterade, bilirubin, urobilinogen, pH, protein, ketones, and ascorbic acid; and qualitative results for nitrites, color, and clarity.

In particular they are not intended for visual reading. The measurements are used to aid in the diagnosis of metabolic disorders, kidney function anomalies, urinary tract infections, and liver finction.

Beckman Coulter Inc. Manufacturer Beckman Coulter Inc. Danaher Corporation.Such tests help providers diagnose diseases and conditions such as anemia low red blood cell or hemoglobin countblood cancers, blood clotting problems, immune system disorders, and infections.

Because this may cause serious injury, or even death, to a patient, we are urging healthcare professionals to be aware of the potential for inaccurate diagnostic results with these analyzers and to take appropriate actions, including the use of alternative diagnostic testing or confirming analyzer results with manual scanning or estimate of platelets.

We are working with the manufacturer to correct the problem with the devices as quickly as possible and will continue to communicate as more information becomes available. Beckman Coulter first notified its customers about the recall at the end of Julyafter receiving notice of sporadic, erroneously elevated platelet count results without alerts or system error messages—meaning that laboratory operators of the instruments would have no way to recognize the error.

Inaccurate platelet counts may result in such serious adverse health consequences as increased risk of life-threatening bleeding associated with withholding platelet transfusions; inappropriate decisions about surgeries or invasive procedures; and delayed or missed diagnosis of serious medical conditions, including thrombotic microangiopathy and heparin-induced thrombocytopenia. After assessing company information about the results of its initial recall, FDA asked Beckman Coulter to send a second medical device correction letter to its customers, and to send an additional letter to physicians likely to have patients affected by inaccurate hematology test results.

Beckman Coulter sent the updated letters on May 20, emphasizing that both pathologists and clinicians should be aware of the recall and understand the steps that should be taken to ensure that accurate and appropriate patient assessments are conducted. FDA added its voice to the communications in order to ensure that all hospitals, laboratories, healthcare professionals, and patients have appropriate information about the seriousness of the recall and the actions that should be taken.

Laboratories that continue to use the recalled analyzers for complete blood counts CBC should report unflagged, erroneously high platelet count results to Beckman Coulter and FDA. The agency also encourages laboratories to contact any ordering physicians who may be affected, to discuss whether retesting of recently tested patients is appropriate.

Healthcare providers who are interpreting such test results for their patients should discuss any concerns about the testing process with the clinical laboratory processing their samples, and should consider all available clinical information when formulating their treatment recommendations. FDA is aware of more than 2, US laboratories that may be affected by the recalls, but it is unable to determine how many patient samples may have been affected.

The agency has not received any reports of serious adverse events linked directly to the recalled analyzers. The following individuals may be affected by the recall:.

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FDA is continuing to investigate the issue of erroneous platelet counts, and is working with Beckman Coulter to implement appropriate patient safety mitigations. The company has indicated that a software update to the recalled instruments may serve to alert laboratory personnel to any inaccurate results. However, FDA has not evaluated the updated software, and is working with the company to determine whether a software update alone can adequately address the issues that led to recall of the devices.

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